The future of Jobs- Are you skill ready ?

A lot of companies are predicting the growth of their business in the next 3 to 5 years without taking into account the growth in the corresponding increase in HR/Manpower requirement with relevant future skills. We are aware that thru’ technology and artificial intelligence, companies like Microsoft and Google are even developing aids and devices which will enable a blind person walk freely and a deaf & dumb person can express his or her views. Hence , a lot of companies today demand skilled if not multi-skilled individuals. It is no more about taking in employees to keep them sticking with just one skill all throughout their career. With the increase in automation and introduction of updated and latest technologies such as AI, robots, IOT & Machine learning, the employers require individuals who are trained in the latest technologies and who can handle using new ones too. Many employers are even looking at future employees who are trained in skills like Analytics and such trained employees in Analytics will always have competitive advantage compared those who are not trained.There are companies, which have premium pay package and skill incentives for such employees.Therefore, merely having domain knowledge or qualification will not meet the future job requirement. The fresh recruitment in campuses does not come anywhere close to the massive rise in open seats of engineering colleges & other colleges. This is why, the ONLY cure to even start off, stay on, grow and flourish in the destructive market of the IT & non IT industry is to upskill, cross-skill, reskill and also move on to expert skill. Many companies are also Deskilling many jobs, specially in semi-skilled, un-skilled category and administrative/clerical jobs by bringing in automation into the process. If one does not upgrade or learn relevant skills with relevant technology, he or she will soon become redundant in the system.

These terminologies are briefly described:

Deskilling: is the process by which skilled/semiskilled/unskilled labour within the industry or economy is eliminated by the introduction of technologies/automation specially jobs which are normally done by semiskilled or unskilled workers.

Upskilling : Technologies get upgraded regularly and the companies adapt to the latest changes as fast as they can. Every company looks forward to hiring employees who have professional training in the latest technologies. These changes can happen faster than any application for changes in the curriculum reaches the education board. This is why it is important that freshers and working professionals regularly upskill by undergoing training in the latest technology.

Reskilling: The process of learning new skills so you can do a different job or of training people to do a different job.

Cross skilling: Today, an employee who can work with both front end and back end technologies will be preferred over someone who has expertise only in one of the two areas. This is because the work environment is highly volatile with the constant shift in required job roles. So cross skilling – learning up new areas of work will always be seen as a huge plus point!

Expert skilling: While cross skilling is spreading your skill set breadth wise, expert skilling is going in deep. Getting hands-on experience in technology while solving real-world problems under the guidance of industry experts can be very different from just learning the technical know-how on the surface. A thorough expert means a project well taken care of. An expert at a technology is seen as an asset to the company. Let the job chase you instead. Be that expert!

Soft Skills :Not to forget about the essential soft skills required for a job and career building such as Communication skill, positive attitude, assertive skill, effective time management, problem solving skill, leadership skill,team working, adaptability and many more as per the job and career requirement.

With soft skills and relevant hard/domain skills, one will be ready for future leadership role.

Therefore,I suggest, every young professional today must introspect and does his or her self-evaluation with regard to the skills required based on his or her career goal. The next step is to develop or upgrade or acquire them based on the gap and requirement and this should not be an onetime exercise but a continuous process with changing time and technology. One must have passion and determination to develop them on a regular basis to stay ahead. Motivation has to come from within; the drive to excellence is entirely an internal affair. Remember the effort you put in to rise in your job is directly proportional to your aim being higher to succeed. So, learning must be an ever- ending process in your life time.

So be ready for future.

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