Month: August 2018

How can a salesman achieve optimum productivity in his/her job? The key to his/her sales growth is to find a balance between the value-adding sales activity and the non-value adding sales activity which may be essential for his/her job. Research shows that a normal salesman spends only 30-40% of his/her time on active selling functions/activities, whereas the rest 60-70% of his/her time is spent in non value-adding functions/activities which are also essential to complete the job. The task is to engage more time in activities which will bring the salesman growth and profit in sales, along with managing the other necessary functions in the least possible time. Whether you are a seasoned sales manager, an aspiring sales manager or employed anywhere in sales, the following activities mentioned will teach you to excel in your job.


This is an era in which the demand for leadership in an organization greatly exceeds the supply. Every major organization is attempting to hire “stars”, offering compensation to entice the…