Why is marketing important for sales?

Marketing is important to sales because it includes numerous strategies for communicating the various benefits and features of the products or services a company offers to consumers. Marketing is how consumers become aware of specific brands. Marketing spurs more sales by researching consumer markets and developing tailored messages that spark buying interest.

There are many components to marketing that benefit sales. Research is an important part of any effective marketing strategy. Before a product can be sold, a company needs to identify the best customer for that product. Marketing research gathers data on consumers that reveal their Needs, wants and desires. Research is also conducted on competitors to examine how they market to consumers. This data is useful for both marketing and sales departments.

Marketing is responsible for creating advertising messages that build brand awareness. It is easier to sell products and services after consumers see repeated messages showing the brand in a good light. Marketing is also involved in more subtle forms of brand building. Publicity events held by the company is one way to create more brand awareness; another is sponsoring charity events or concerts.

When marketing and sales teams work closely together, they have a powerful impact on increasing sales for the company.

Marketing consists of three parts: the analysis of marketing opportunities, the formulation of marketing strategy and the execution of the strategy.

1.“Analyzing Marketing Opportunities”, focuses on gaining insights into customers’ needs and behaviours, which should guide a company’s analysis of its marketing and form the basis of any viable marketing strategy..


2.”Developing Marketing Strategies”, covers the main components of marketing strategy, often referred as marketing mix/ four Ps- Product (positioning and design) ,placement (distribution), promotion (communication) and pricing-and also touches on branding and brand management.

“Market Segmentation”, Target Market Selection, and Positioning,” constitutes the requisite steps in designing a successful marketing strategy. These steps guide the firm in focussing its efforts on the right customers and in identifying how the different elements in the marketing mix will influence the decisions and behaviour of those customers. Formulation of a positioning strategy requires specification of both the target market and the bases upon which a product or service offering can be differentiated from the competition.

“Product Policy” explores the key issues related to the firm’s marketing-be that a product, a service, or a bundle of the two, and covers subjects as new product and service design and development, product line scope, branding, and the repositioning of an existing business.

“Going to Market.”, covers the functions that must be performed when a firm goes to market with its goods and services ( from demand generation and fulfillment to after-sale services) and the distribution channels where those functions are performed, whether the channel is direct to customers or indirect, through retailers and whole-salers, or some combination of both.

“Marketing Communication and Promotions” , covers the need for building demand for a firm’s current and future value-creation activities plus yield a profit..

“Optimal pricing”, covers price’s role in the marketing mix-namely, to tap into the value created so as to generate revenues sufficient to fund the firm’s current and future value –creation activities plus yield a profit.

3.”Implementing Marketing Strategies”, looks at the execution of marketing strategy, specifically at managing and delivering the marketing programs through sales people and building and managing profitable customer relationships.

Hence to conclude, marketing function plays a significant role in sales in terms of generating demand and fulfilling such demands of customers and ensures profit for the company..

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