Talent Management


To create an awareness among the participants about Talent Management both concepts & practices.
To sharpen the knowledge and skills of the participants in managing talent.


2 Days

Programme contents:

  • DAY 1
    1 Introduction & familiarization with the participants and the Two day’s program.
    2 Exercise on Assessing your organization’s Talent Management
    3 Movie “Spirit” & Discussion on learning from the movie in relation to the subject.
    4 Introduction to the subject of Talent Management & Evolution of Talent Management
    5 What is Talent?
    6 What is Talent Management?
    7 Why Talent Management?
    8 The importance of Talent Management for long term business success including role of CEO, Line Managers & HR Managers.
    9 Talent Management Process – An overview
    10 Pre-Acquisition Process – Talent Planning, Employee Value Proposition,
    Culture / Employer Branding
    11 Talent Acquisition Process – What and How
  • DAY 2
    1 Talent Nurturing and Development – What & How.
    2 Talent Engagement Program – What and How.
    3 Talent Retention Program and the role of boss and line managers in it – What and How.
    4 Measuring the Talent Management Process
    5 Top 10 Tips to Talent Management Today
    6 Top 10 Challenges for Talent Management Today
    7 Top Tips Checklist for Practicing what we preach
    8 Strategy for Talent Management
    9 Use of Technology for Talent Management
    10 Summing Up and Conclusion


  • Presentation cum Discussion
  • Case Study through Group work
  • Experiential learning and sharing
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Video Film