Leadership & Team Building


Leadership & Team Building


2 Days


To create awareness among participants about Leadership (concept & practice) and how to create high performance team.
To sharpen the knowledge and skills of participants in Leadership and Team Building.


Programme contents:

  • Day 1: Introduction and familiarization with the participants and the subject.
    Exercise on assessment of Leadership skills of the participants (Are you a leader and leadership types assessment) and feedback to the participants on their strengths and weaknesses as a Leader.
    Presentation on the concept of Leadership and various types of Leadership.
    Discussion on qualities and traits of Successful Leaders thru’ examples, case studies etc.
    Presentation on various competencies of Business Leaders
  • Day 2:¬†Quick recap of the first day deliberation and learning.
    Leadership & Team Building
    Various stages of Evolving / Building Teams.
    How to Create, Energize, Motivate and Engage your Team for High Performance thru’ exercises including setting team goals and priorities.
    How to Monitor, Evaluate, Provide feedback and Reward Team Performance.
    Managing and Resolving Team issues and crisis.
    Summing up and Conclusion


  • Presentation cum Discussion
  • Experiential learning and sharing
  • Exercises and Practice Session by the team members including demonstration by the facilitator
  • Case Study and Group work
  • Video Film